Newland Partners have helped to give our teams a better understanding of themselves as individuals, how they can continue to work together successfully and become even more effective.

Andrea Matavuso-Lowe

Senior Commercial Manager (UK) - Northrop Grumman

Months on and the Insights language is still being used on a daily basis and it has become embedded within the culture of our Charity.


Heidi Walton

CEO - LEAP Lincoln

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Win customer loyalty and Improve your Net Promoter Score by 30 to 40 points with the ABC of Service Excellence.

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Increase employee retention by an average of 15% by investing in the development of your managers.

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94% of learners on a Newland Partner’s programme report they have made changes that make a positive impact on their business results.

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Identifying bespoke learning and development needs for business leaders

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Client: AAR International

Service provided: Organisation effectiveness survey identifying opportunities to improve leadership impact

Newland Partners worked with the Lead Team and their managers to diagnose specific learning needs and plan a bespoke leadership development programme to improve collaborative working and team engagement.

Transforming mindsets, changes behaviours and leads to value in your business.

Finding and keeping your people motivated and willing to go that extra mile is a result of the environment they work in.  Recognition, inclusion, development and progression are essential to earning the trust and commitment needed to sustain great performance and results.

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Where you see problems, we see opportunities.

Choosing the right learning solutions for your people that guarantees a return on your investment can be a daunting task. At NP we are here to support and advise you on every step of the journey. All our learning programmes follow our tried and tested 6 step model to be sure we deliver the results that matter to your business.

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