Newland Partners have helped to give our teams a better understanding of themselves as individuals, how they can continue to work together successfully and become even more effective.

Andrea Matavuso-Lowe

Senior Commercial Manager (UK) - Northrop Grumman

Months on and the Insights language is still being used on a daily basis and it has become embedded within the culture of our Charity.


Heidi Walton

CEO - LEAP Lincoln

I am a changed person as a result of the day; driving home I reviewed a particularly stressful email interchange and understood the person was in no way intending to hurt my feelings but was getting on with their job.  I have already smoothed the waters and am getting on with my work with renewed positivity – Thank you!

Inspire, Learn and Connect Delegate

Manager - Lincolnshire County Council

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Inspire, Learn and Connect

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Client: Lincolnshire County Council

Service provided: Improving customer relationships using Insights Discovery

Imagine the potential leaps in performance that can be unlocked by forging a deeper connection with colleagues and customers; a connection built on a real awareness of our own and others’ strengths and the ability to adapt so that we can achieve the best results in every interaction.

Improved Internal and External Communication

See What We Did

Client: LEAP (Lincolnshire Employment Accommodation Project)

Service provided: Leadership Development and Team Development.

The teams were furnished with new communication skills, tools and tips that could help contribute towards delivering high levels of service both internally and externally.

Transforming mindsets and changing behaviours.

Finding and keeping your people motivated and willing to go that extra mile is a result of the environment they work in.  Recognition, inclusion, development and progression are essential to earning the trust and commitment needed to sustain great performance and results.

Where you see problems, we see opportunities.

Choosing the right learning solutions for your people that guarantees a return on your investment can be a daunting task. At NP we are here to support and advise you on every step of the journey. All our learning programmes follow our tried and tested 6 step model to be sure we deliver the results that matter to your business.