Leadership Impact

High staff turnover, poor employee engagement or struggling to raise the bar on performance.

Finding, developing and retaining talented people to help your business grow stems from great leadership. Whether you are a first-time manager or company CEO the influence and impact you have on others and your customer is critical to your results and the success of your business.

Whatever your leadership challenges our bespoke learning programmes and one-on-one coaching will help you achieve your goals. Talk to us about our coaching and Management Learning Hub to find out more.

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Customer Satisfaction

Loosing customers, too many complaints or want to improve your reputation in your marketplace. Delighting your customers is essential to winning business and outperforming your competitors.

Delivering exceptional service starts from creating the right attitude, behaviours and language in your business to create that wow factor.

Whatever your industry sector our ‘ABC of Service Excellence’ methodology will enable you to unlock new levels of customer service performance.

How to provide Service Excellence

Employee Engagement

Losing time to workplace stress, struggling to connect your staff with the purpose and direction of your business or failing to attract new employees to your business.
Finding and keeping your people motivated and willing to go that extra mile is a result of the environment they work in. Recognition, inclusion, development and progression are essential to earning the trust and commitment needed to sustain great performance and results.

If your work environment or people policies need an overhaul our focused diagnostics combined with leadership, management and employee learning programmes can transform your business culture and results. Talk to us about our Management Learning Hub and ‘ABC of Service Excellence’ to get some ideas on improving employee engagement.

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Sales Performance

Missing targets, chasing the wrong opportunities or struggling to win new business. Getting your sales people firing on all cylinders requires a winning mix of motivation, skill and resilience. Identifying your individual strengths and weaknesses within the sales cycle is key to creating flexibility and new ways to connect with your customer.

Whether it’s improving your sales leadership, developing sales capability or implementing procedures to drive up performance our Insights Sales Effectiveness solution is designed specifically to fit your needs.

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Team Effectiveness

Internal conflicts distracting your team from delivering their best results or looking to create the right environment to drive up performance.

Growing your business requires everyone to be on their ‘A’ game. An ethos of continuous improvement linked with greater self-awareness raises the bar on performance, employee engagement and productivity.
Wherever you are on your journey of team development, our bespoke learning programmes and team coaching will lift you to the next level.

Why not talk to us about how tools such as 360⁰ Feedback and Insights Discovery can lift your game.


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Newland Partners have helped to give our teams a better understanding of themselves as individuals, how they can continue to work together successfully and become even more effective.

Andrea Matavuso-Lowe

Senior Commercial Manager (UK) - Northrop Grumman

Months on and the Insights language is still being used on a daily basis and it has become embedded within the culture of our Charity.


Heidi Walton

CEO - LEAP Lincoln