Our HR Approach

We partner with you and invest time in truly understanding the context, culture and objectives of your organisation, as well as establishing meaningful working relationships.

Using our extensive experience, this subsequently allows us to provide a personal and tailored service; recommending practical, commercially viable and ethical solutions, which mitigate risk and resolve the inevitable issues associated with the employment relationship.

Our approach is one of coaching and development, guiding you through challenges. This includes assisting with the design and implementation of necessary preventative measures, that not only seek to avoid potential disputes, but also foster a culture of trust and confidence, a culture where employees feel valued, so as to help them realise their full potential.

We pride ourselves on establishing lasting and trusted partnerships, and we are truly passionate about working with you to manage your employees and enabling you to effectively manage your business.

Trusted Partner

Our ‘Trusted Partner’ approach, strengthens and widens our business offerings.
Having built up and continue to build effective working relationships with reputable subject matter experts, we can position ourselves as your organisations ‘single point resource’.
Where an external service may be required, we will recommend, connect you with and manage the relationship with one of our trusted partners who are aligned with our core values.

In doing so, this will streamline your processes, remove administrative burdens, cut operational costs and provide assurances as to the ongoing quality and consistency of the services offered.

We are proud to be partnering with:
1. Employment Law Specialist – Langleys Solicitors

2. First Aid and Mental Health Training Specialist – Kendall Training

3. Health and Safety Management – Optimum Safety Management https://www.optimum-safety.co.uk

We welcome a free discussion with you to identify new solutions to unlock the people potential in your business – contact us on hr@newlandpartners.co.uk to organise this today.

Navigating COVID-19

We recognise that this current pandemic will certainly influence substantial business change and thus have placed importance on being able to adapt to situations, identifying more creative ways to meet your requirements, with an increased focus on virtual collaboration and online resources.

What is the pandemic teaching us and how can we grow from these experiences?

One of the most pivotal experiences the pandemic is teaching organisations, is the importance of being brave – there was no COVID rule book, nor immediate guidance, rather just a pressing need to adapt and quickly react, to the changing landscape.

Recognising this, now may be the time to reflect and learn from these experiences. Where were you most exposed, where did you feel there were gaps in your knowledge or support framework. Or indeed; did you find your current practices stood this test to a degree, but could benefit from expansion or development.

We can assist you to ‘re-think’ how work is organised, where, how and who it is done by, subsequently feeding the outcome of this into a workforce review.