Employee Relations Support

Employee Relations is the contractual and emotional relationship between employers and employees. We can provide you with guidance and knowledge in this area to reduce levels of poor conduct and to improve levels of moral, productivity and engagement.

Some of the areas that fall within Employee Relations that we can support you with are Discipline, Grievance, Investigations, Dispute Resolution and Appeals.

We can assist by:

  • Reviewing/drafting bespoke policies, as well as assisting with the implementation and communication of these
  • Providing HR support and guidance during investigations
  • Providing HR support, guidance and/or representation at formal meetings
  • Reviewing/drafting formal letters
  • Offering template scripts to assist you in formal meetings
  • Offering solutions to minimise risks to your business
  • Running training/guidance workshops for your people managers
  • Installing trust and confidence in your workforce

Change Management

We recognise that this current pandemic will certainly influence substantial business change and thus have placed importance on being able to adapt to situations, identifying more creative ways to meet your business goals and objectives.  

The need for change can be driven by the introduction of new processes or systems, up-skilling your workforce, a change in workload leading to an increase or reduction that impacts on your headcount requirement, a need or desire to reduce your current outgoings.

These changes in business feed into the need for organisational design changes which may include individual or collective redundancies, a change in location or the requirement for additional headcount.

To reach your desired outcome we can work with you to define the following;

  • A vision, plan, communication, and implementation workflow
  • Formal letters and script templates
  • Solutions to minimise risks to your business
  • Assisting you to have open communication with your employees

HR Audit

Our HR Audits are a great way to both establish your current compliance position and define recommended actions to take forward.

With the increasing HR complexities, it is important that your employment and work practices are compliant with the latest applicable UK legislation.

HR Audit focus areas include:

  • Employee Handbook
  • Terms of employment, including salary, holidays and hours of work
  • HR policies and procedures
  • Record keeping and data protection
  • Discipline and grievance
  • Recruitment, offers of employment and probation periods
  • Family rights
  • Bullying and harassment

The outcome of the HR Audit will feed into a Needs Assessment. This Needs Assessment will capture our recommended actions in order of risk, enabling you to focus in on mitigating these risk areas and subsequently reducing exposure.

We will also discuss how we can work with you to provide ongoing support in addressing these risk areas.

Performance Management

Effective performance management is essential to business – by focusing on the activities and processes that enable this, it will help boost employee engagement and productivity, thus maximising the return on your investment and successfully contributing to the achievement of your strategic objectives.

We will work with you to improve performance in your business via the following means:

  • Assisting with Appraisals, performance, and development processes
  • Supporting managers to deal with performance or absence concerns from the outset
  • Providing guidance and support for formal performance meetings
  • Reviewing/drafting absence policies, as well as assisting with the implementation
  • Assisting with absence management cases; short/long term
  • Assisting with return-to-work interviews and subsequent support plans
  • Supporting with occupational Health referrals and the medical record process
  • Managing remote workers/leading virtual teams

Recruitment Support

We understand that your employees are your greatest asset – therefore, having the right people in the right roles is essential to the success of your business. 

Every single employee impacts on the morale, engagement and productivity of your business.

Using our expertise, we can ensure that you have an effective and fair recruitment and selection process. Getting this right from the outset will save you valuable time and money.

We provide bespoke recruitment support to meet your needs, our services offerings include:

  • Reviewing and advising on current recruitment policies and practices,
  • Reviewing Job Descriptions and competency frameworks,
  • Creating or reviewing job advert/s
  • Working with you to advertise your position on relevant platforms
  • CV screening / shortlisting
  • Interview coordination
  • Liaising with unsuccessful candidates
  • Pre-employment checks such as right to work in the UK and references
  • Confirming the offer of employment in writing
  • Designing an induction/on-boarding programme

HR Documentation

With the increasing HR complexities, it is important that your employment and work practices are compliant with the latest applicable UK legislation.

Using our adept employment law knowledge, we can support with all of your HR documentation, whether this be updating those currently in place to ensure legislative compliance and procedural accuracy or creating new versions.

We can assist with:

  • Contracts of Employment
  • Variations to Employment Terms
  • An Employee Handbook/Code of Conduct
  • HR Policies and Procedures

We welcome a free discussion with you to identify new solutions to unlock the people potential in your business – contact us on hr@newlandpartners.co.uk to organise this today.