The Client

LEAP Lincoln:

A registered charity with the aim of providing accommodation and support for young people in Lincolnshire.

Operating since 1994, LEAP now employs around 25 people and has a dedicated workforce that helps young people find security, stability and training to support them in securing a prosperous future.

Months on and the Insights language is still being used on a daily basis and it has become embedded within the culture of our Charity.


Heidi Walton

CEO - LEAP Lincoln

The Brief

Improve the levels of communication and relationship building.

NP were approached to design two developmental sessions. Leadership Development and Team Development. There was a requirement to improve levels of communication and relationships that would benefit internal and external collaboration. The nature of work that is carried out within the charity required an emphasis on emotional intelligence and mindset to be installed within the programme content.

The Solution

Bespoke sessions of effectiveness.

Three bespoke sessions were designed. The senior management team undertook a day of Insights Team and Leadership Effectiveness. Psychometric profiling was used as a personal diagnostic to learn more about themselves but to create an understanding of developing a Coaching culture using Insights as a tool. The team sessions were split in two, Insights Personal Effectiveness helped the teams understand their own strengths and weaknesses but also how they can develop relationships through adapting and connecting with other personality types. The final team session was based on NP’s ABC of Service Excellence. The teams were furnished with new communication skills, tools and tips that could help contribute towards delivering high levels of service both internally and externally.