Team Effectiveness

The Insights Team Effectiveness model is the ideal way to evaluate how well your team or organisation works together.  We look at four core functions of high performing teams: focus, flow, climate and process.  Through this model you are better able to identify and act on opportunities that will grow your team and deliver improved results.

Our Insights Team Effectiveness workshops help to build on individual strengths and strategies unlocked through the Insights Discovery profile.  With this greater self-awareness teams are better able to identify  and overcome barriers in their communication and ways of working.

We also offer an optional team survey that provides valuable insights on how the team climate and culture is perceived.  This enables teams, managers and leaders to focus their efforts for improvement on factors that will make the greatest difference to improved engagement and performance.

‘Having been on similar courses previously, I did not have high expectations to be honest but this was so different. I felt engaged from the start and it felt exciting to be a part of this.’ – Streets Heaver, June 2020