Insights Transformational Leadership

Insights Transformational Leadership model develops leadership teams that inspire the people around them to excel, even in challenging times.

It helps leaders to understand leadership strengths and weaknesses, and plan for higher levels of performance.  By encouraging an adaptive approach leaders are better able to motivate and inspire within a diverse organisation.

The Transformational Leadership model explores all aspects of leadership development within the context of your business.  Leaders receive a personal profile and our expert coaches guide you through an exploration of the eight dimensions critical to high performance leadership, enabling you to examine your effectiveness in each area.

This learning experience leads to a strong and balanced leadership team that produces results whatever the business climate.

‘The leadership course was unlike any other I’ve taken before. Everything about it was engaging and positive. Newland Partners are amazing, and the passion for what they do is infectious. Highly recommended.’ – Streets Heaver, June 2020