At NP there is nothing we enjoy more than helping your staff find and release their potential. Whether it’s acquiring new skills, renewing focus and motivation or raising the bar on performance we are guaranteed to have a positive impact on everyone.

We provide a wide range of services designed to help your team develop and grow.  When it comes to partnering with your people to achieve great things, we can help you find the right solution to every challenge.

Transform your Leaders

Enable your people to grow their value through focused development of leadership behaviour

Transformational Leadership is a learning experience that leads to strong, balanced teams focused on producing results whatever the business climate.  NP guide your leaders away from transactional styles of leadership, exercising a more adaptive approach where leaders are better able to motivate and facilitate diverse teams, developing and inspiring the people around them to excel, even in challenging times, while maintaining higher levels of engagement, wellbeing and performance.

High Performing Teams

Identify strengths and weaknesses to achieve higher levels of team performance

The foundation for high-performing teams is a method that inspires participation, instils trust, creates positive connections, builds team cohesion, whilst aligning to goals and promoting business growth. NP’s delivery process uses a range of diagnostics to test team effectiveness, behaviours and competences, assisting individuals in identifying and releasing their potential.

Sales Performance

Focus on strengths and raise the performance bar of your sales team

NP have a programme designed to explore a sales person’s mindset, capability and behaviour at every step of the sales process.  Enable individuals to identify strengths and development needs. In conjunction with individual or team-based coaching it is a powerful diagnostic tool from which to build on performance and close the gap on sales targets.

Customer Service Excellence

Deliver service excellence and win the loyalty of your customers 

Our ‘ABC of Service Excellence’ is a set of core principles designed to deliver a gold standard customer experience. It focuses on the attitudes, behaviours and communications that leave a positive and lasting impression on customers be they internal colleagues or external suppliers and end users.  The benefits extend to an improved workplace culture, employee engagement and retention from reduced complaints and management escalations.

Coaching skills for Leaders and Managers

Enable employee engagement, performance and wellbeing by building a coaching culture

Coaching is a powerful skillset that builds commitment for performance and change. Our modular learning programme transforms how leaders communicate and develops core coaching competencies in a experiential and practical way.  Your managers and leaders will be inspired to have positive and purposeful conversations that lead to improved engagement and results.

Virtual Learning Hub

If you want learning to stick you need to use a variety of ways to get the core messages across

Our dynamic and virtual learning hub offers easy to access online workshops that enable teams and managers to continue their professional development and network with colleagues in a remote or hybrid working environment.

You can choose from a wide selection of bitesize modules supporting leadership, coaching, managing teams, and customer service. This offers a value for money solution which can also be delivered face to face as well as online.

Our Approach

At NP we pride ourselves on providing a rich, unique experience that both informs and changes the way managers lead and teams communicate. Our impact is one of long lasting, measurable results recognised at organisational level. We have carefully selected a few cornerstone programmes to share with you to provide insight into our unique delivery.

Within the first session, I knew that this was unlike any other programme, you felt comfortable but it explored more about you than other courses I had attended, everything was relevant to you and your situation which is credit to the trainer Wil. Excellent experience.

Emma Jubbs

Assistant Director (Student Recruitment) - University of Lincoln

The leadership course was unlike any other I’ve taken before. Everything about it was engaging and positive. Newland Partners are amazing, and the passion for what they do is infectious. Highly recommended.

Leadership Development Programme

Program Participant - Streets Heaver